10 Parts of a Commercial Kitchen that Need Professional Cleaning


With over 25 years of experience, we offer professional, dependable, and affordable commercial kitchen cleaning services throughout the St. Louis metro area.

A commercial kitchen requires thorough and regular cleaning to maintain hygiene, comply with health and safety regulations, and ensure equipment efficiency. While kitchen staff often perform daily cleaning tasks, certain areas and equipment may require professional cleaning services due to their complexity or specialized expertise.

Gateway Cleaning Services is your trusted partner in ensuring the highest standards of cleanliness and hygiene in your commercial kitchen. Call us today for a free estimate.

Grease Trap Cleaning Services

10 Areas that Need Professional Cleaning

In the fast-paced world of the food industry, maintaining a clean and sanitary environment in commercial kitchens is not just a matter of aesthetics โ€“ it’s crucial for the safety of both customers and staff.

  1. Exhaust Hood and Ventilation System Cleaning:
    • Gateway Cleaning Services specializes in thoroughly cleaning exhaust hoods and ventilation systems. With state-of-the-art equipment, our professionals effectively remove grease buildup, reducing fire hazards and ensuring optimal airflow for a safe and efficient kitchen environment.
  2. Deep Fryer Maintenance:
    • Our experts understand the importance of well-maintained deep fryers. Gateway Cleaning Services offers oil filtration and replacement services, ensuring your deep fryers operate efficiently, maintain food quality, and have an extended lifespan.
  3. Oven and Grill Cleaning:
    • Carbon and grease buildup can affect the performance of ovens and grills. Our skilled team employs degreasers and specialized tools to provide comprehensive cleaning services, ensuring your cooking equipment operates efficiently.
  4. Refrigeration Units:
    • Regular cleaning of coils and condensers is crucial for the efficient operation of refrigeration units. Gateway Cleaning Services ensures that your refrigeration equipment remains in top condition, preventing breakdowns and maintaining the quality of stored food.
  5. Walk-In Cooler and Freezer:
    • Our professionals thoroughly clean and sanitize walk-in coolers and freezers, addressing all areas, including shelves and hard-to-reach spots that may be overlooked during daily cleaning routines.
  6. Dishwashing Area Maintenance:
    • Scale and mineral buildup in dishwashers and water lines can impact performance. We provide expert descaling and cleaning services to prevent equipment damage and maintain proper sanitation.
  7. Tile and Grout Surface Restoration:
    • High-traffic areas like kitchen floors and walls require periodic deep cleaning. Our team revitalizes tile and grout surfaces, removing grease, grime, and bacterial buildup to ensure a clean and safe working environment.
  8. Hood and Filter Grease Trap Cleaning:
    • Grease traps in hoods and filters demand regular cleaning to prevent blockages. Gateway Cleaning Services excels in thoroughly cleaning these components, ensuring proper ventilation and compliance with safety standards.
  9. HVAC System Duct Cleaning:
    • To maintain air quality and efficiency, our professionals offer duct cleaning services for the HVAC system in your commercial kitchen, preventing the circulation of odors and contaminants.
  10. Steamer and Boiler Scale Removal:
    • Steamers and boilers can suffer from scale buildup, affecting efficiency. We provide scale removal services to guarantee proper operation and prolong the life of your equipment.

Gateway Cleaning Services is dedicated to elevating the standards of cleanliness and hygiene in commercial kitchens. Our expert team understands the unique cleaning needs of the food industry, delivering thorough and professional services to enhance both safety and efficiency. Trust Gateway Cleaning Services to be your partner in maintaining a pristine and sanitary kitchen environment.

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