Move Out Cleaning Services

Let Gateway Cleaning Services reduce the stress of your transition. After you’ve packed the dishes, emptied the drawers, de-cluttered the garage, and hired the movers, the last thing you want to do is clean.

However, hiring professional cleaning services before you move out is beneficial to both parties, especially if you have a security deposit you want to get back.

Moving is stressful enough without having to worry about cleaning. That’s why we offer flexible move-out and move-in cleaning services to help reduce the stress of your move. Whether you need the entire house cleaned or just certain areas, our team of professional cleaners is ready to help!


We are one of the leading house cleaning and home disinfection service providers in the St. Louis area. The health and safety of our customers and employees are our highest priority during COVID-19. While we cannot control the unpredictability of this virus, we take preventative measures to limit its spread and impact.

Move Out Cleaning Services

Now that the rooms of your home or apartment are empty or nearly emptied, it’s time to make it look even better than it did when you moved in. We go beyond vacuuming and dusting by cleaning all the nooks and crannies. Leave all the dirty work to us so you can focus on everything that comes along with moving.

Our move out cleaning services include but are not limited to:

  • Vacuum, sweep and clean all floors
  • Clean ceiling fans and baseboards
  • Dust blinds and all horizontal surfaces
  • Vacuum and clean all vents
  • Clean all windows, doors, and window sills
  • Clean all light fixtures
  • Refrigerator – inside and out
  • Stove & Microwave – inside and out
  • Stove hood
  • Dishwasher & Cabinets
  • Sanitize countertops, backsplash, sinks, faucets
  • Polish sink, faucets, and other appliances
  • Clean/disinfect shower and bathtubs
  • Clean/disinfect countertops, toilets, sinks, faucets
  • Clean/disinfect floor
  • Clean shower doors – remove soap scum and hard water spots
  • Clean mirrors and vanities

If you have other areas or specific items that need to be cleaned, simply ask a member of our team. We are glad to customize any cleaning services you need before your move!

Contact Gateway Cleaning Services for a free estimate. The cost of your move-out cleaning services depends on the size of your home or apartment and how much cleaning you need/want to be done.

Our Cleaning Products

Our goal is to make your home as clean as possible. To do this, it’s essential to use safe and effective cleaning products. Many inexpensive cleaners are diluted or leave behind a residue. Other cleaning products release harmful chemicals into your home, triggering allergies and jeopardizing your health. However, upon request we use biodegradable products that are environmentally friendly and do not hurt your family’s health.

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At Gateway Cleaning Services, we recognize that a clean home is a happy home, which is why we are proud to offer complete residential cleaning services. With more than 25 years of experience, we offer professional, dependable, and affordable home cleaning services for you and your family. We provide a free in-home estimate.